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Serving Southwest Michigan

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April 29, 2014

The following article was in today's Kalamazoo Gazette.  I thought it held good advice since people will be soon taking summer vacations.    Pack your meds first everyone!


Dear Abby:  I have worked in a pharmacy for 30 years, and every summer it's the same story.  People forget their medication and leave it at home. 

Why do people not realize that their meds should be one of the FIRST things they pack?  Yes, we can call their pharmacist back home to get a transfer; but if the prescription was just filled, their insurance will not go through, or they'll have to wait while we call for a vacation override.

Please people -- remember your medications, and if you don't plan on spending a while sitting around our pharmacy waiting for us to call your hometown pharmacy, and possibly your insurance company, then don't get angry at us when it takes longer than the 15 minutes you expected.

I love my job. But I'm beginning to dread irresponsible, crabby tourists who know they need their blood pressure meds every day and expect us to drop whatever we're dong to take care of them.

-- Phrustrated Pharmacist in Montana

April 17, 2014

Friendly reminder that next Wednesday, April 23, 2014 is Administrative Professionals' Day and the whole week is an observance of Administrative Professionals' Week, April 21-25.  As a former Executive / Administrative Assistant, I will say that it is very nice to receive a gift in recognition of the day and the good work that you do on a regular basis.  Let's face it, the assistants are the ones who either make or break the success of an office. The ones good at their job, continually thinking two steps ahead of what will be needed, who make the boss 'look good', etc. are worth their weight in gold.  So, remember to do something nice for, gift basket, gift cards, Gift of Time gift certificate from A Single Ray of Hope  :) are great ideas.  Some bosses choose to take their assistant out to lunch....which can be nice...but could also be awkward.  For a safe bet....go the gift route.

If you need assistance with the A Single Ray of Hope today!  We'll make you 'look good' and you'll receive the credit!

April 16, 2014

A Single Ray of Hope.  The name of my business.  Probably not recommended by marketing professionals but it fits for me!

After going through pages of brainstorming ideas for a business name for my personal assistant & concierge service, my husband and I recalled a song by Alabama that held personal meaning to our family. I won't bore you here with the lyrics but if you are interested, the link will take you to the lyrics and you can hear the song if you choose to download it.

I then found the following quote which kind of sums it up nicely for me.  

"Someday all you will have to light your way will be a single ray of hope and that will be enough."

~ Kobi Yamada

April 16, 2014

TO DO's a love/hate thing.  People either love making the lists or they dread the list because it's overwelming to see in writing all the tasks that you need to accomplish.

Well, here is an idea I read about recently.  Go ahead a put a few items on your list that you have already completed.  This way you can begin with a sense of accomplishment by crossing off those items right from the start.  It might just be the ticket for those of us that may have a difficult time getting started.  Try it before you knock it!

April 16, 2014

It's new and improved website is ready for viewing.  Check it out!