Serving Southwest Michigan

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Serving Southwest Michigan

(269) 720-7605

A Few Words From Our Clients...

Thank you so much Mary Beth for being available to be more than coordianator of my move. You gave my family as well as me...great peace of mind!  I'm so grateful! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                      -- MA

Mary Beth recently assisted our family with the move of our 87 year old mother to a continuing care community.  Instantly, we were comfortable with, and confident in Mary Beth’s ability to guide mom through decision making, packing, and unpacking at her new home.  She made our mom feel independent and in-charge of  her move.  It was such a wonderful gift to our family to have Marybeth on our team. Thank you Mary Beth! 

-- MC 

The attention to detail and the fact that everything is done perfect is what we like most about A Single Ray of Hope.  Your most helpful services have been checking on our home while we travel, and the wedding planning assistance as well as the book publishing gift/project.  Things are done to a level higher than ever expected.

-- CC

It is a pleasure to work with Mary Beth and A Single Ray of Hope’s concierge service.  The attention to detail, consistency, communication, feedback, and personalization to our individual needs has been outstanding from day #1.  Not only has Mary Beth been an invaluable asset in coordinating long-distance services but she has become a trusted friend in evaluating everyday activities for our loved one in Michigan.

My family used A Single Ray of Hope’s services remotely across several state lines; we were never disappointed in the quality of the work performed, the professionalism exhibited, or the scope of tasks accomplished.  Mary Beth and her staff were dedicated, creative, and insightful in problem solving.

-- Anonymous

The fact that ‘we’ can be in two places at the same time.  You take things off our plate and are a wonderful person to work with.  We absolutely recommend you to others...You are the silent partner with getting things done.  We found your assistance with the graduation open house very helpful.

With only a certain amount of time in a day, it is great to have someone to help out with different things life throws at us.  The family favorite was finding a stocked refrigerator upon returning from vacation.

-- SH

The confidence I have that the work will get done on time and correctly is what I like most.  Clone yourself!  The world could use two of you! -- DC


Recently, I moved from an apartment to a Continuing Care Community in Kalamazoo. Mary Beth made the transition seamless. She went way beyond what I expected. She is very well organized, proactive and a tireless worker. I would recommend her without hesitation.

                                                                                                                                                                                    -- EM

Your services were the most helpful to our family at the time of my mother-in-law’s death.  I appreciated the way you helped organized everything for the funeral and the closing of the apartment.  You’ll never know how much your presence meant to me during this difficult time.  You were a great match for my mother-in-law.  I like the dedication you show your clients.

-- Anonymous

We trust Mary Beth.  You’re consistent, flexible, and timely and deal with our clients very well.  You’ve helped our clients to effectively and efficiently downsize so they can make their move with ease. We appreciate what you do!  You’ve made our lives and our clients lives so much easier.

-- Anonymous

In today’s world, there are many demands than most individuals can meet on their own – especially professionals like myself.  A Single Ray of Hope assisted me in dealing with a problem in the most efficient way possible.  Mary Beth knew who to contact, what to do and – in no time – she scheduled a visit to my home / office with an exterminator who examined and treated the premises in one single visit.  With the many responsibilities of parents with young children, children with old parents and individuals like me who are busy with many other aspects of life, someone like Mary Beth and the service her business provides is tremendously helpful.

-- RR

I like your availability, flexibility, excellent communication and problem-solving capabilities, and your responsible and caring service.  Your house sitting service for periods of just a few days to two months is so helpful to me.  The service has always been exemplary.  Once while I was away, a large piece of art fell and shattered glass went everywhere.  Mary Beth immediately notified me overseas via email, described the situation and arranged for a janitorial service to take care of the clean-up.  When I returned home, it was not apparent that anything untoward had occurred in my absence.

-- NE